Rosie the Farm Truck is the story of a pink truck belonging to a farmer named Jack. The story begins with Rosie, at Callahan Farm, following a fresh snowfall. Before enjoying the wintry weather, Rosie must help prepare for an incoming storm.

Once she has finished her important tasks, Rosie and her friends can enjoy the snow. Before long, two police cars show up at the farm and ask for Rosie’s help. The police cars take her to Mayor Hope who informs Rosie a train has broken down and Rosie’s help is needed to transport four special passengers back to Callahan Farm until the storm has passed.

Rosie learns the passengers are reindeer who were on the train with plans to meet a teacher on the far side of the mountain. The reindeer express concerns that they will not be able to make their reading lessons and will be unable help Santa by reading the children’s addresses as they deliver presents.

With encouragement from Farmer Jack, Rosie agrees to assist her new friends by teaching them to read. An excerpt from this section that particularly pulls on my heartstrings as an Educator is: “Teaching is just as much about love and kindness as it is the lessons.”

With help from her farmyard friends, Rosie successfully teaches the reindeer to read. They thank Rosie by reading her a letter they wrote before returning to Santa at the North Pole.

I found this story to be original in concept and well written. While reading Rosie the Farm Truck, I learned that this sweet, playful character was created to fill a void in children’s literature surrounding farm trucks that appeal to young girls. As mother to a truck-loving little girl, I am so happy to see this character exists!

The illustrations that accompany the story are hand-painted watercolour. I find they help create a classic, timeless feel to the story.

Rosie the Farm Truck is recommended for children ages 3-9. I believe it would be a great family read or a circle time book for childcare centres and kindergarten programs nearing Christmas time. It would also work well as an early reader’s story for children learning to read on their own.

Rosie the Farm Truck was written by Victoria Scudder and illustrated by Kam Bayo. It was published by Scout & Company Publishing.

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