Luna – The Moon Pig is an adorable children’s tale about a sweet, black piglet named Luna with “chocolate-drop eyes” and a face that is “round and shiny, just like the moon.”

This is a wonderful, modern fairytale about family, love, self-acceptance, and magical moonwishes! The story follows Luna from birth and depicts an adventure of: leaving her mother, finding a new home with a pig-loving little girl named Maria, venturing out on her own into the “Wet Wild Woods,” meeting new friends who help keep her safe and well fed, learning to appreciate her appearance, and returning home to Maria and her caring family.

An element of this story I enjoy is the omniscient narration which allows us to share the perspectives of both Luna while on her adventure, as well as Maria and her family who continuously search for Luna during her absence.

I also love the simple elegance of the writing by Suzy Davies. The language is accessible enough for young children to understand and it reads as classic, timeless prose.

The illustrations paired with the text are absolutely spectacular! Sheila Graber, illustrator of Paddington Bear and Kipling’s Just So stories, has brought to life a sweet, loveable little piglet who will make a great addition to any family’s reading time.

I highly recommend this story for children ages 4-9 years of age. Luna’s exciting adventure is sure to become a family reading favourite!

You can follow this link to check out the story’s trailer! Music from the video is courtesy of The John Barry Estate.

Luna – The Moon Pig can be purchased from the Ventorros Press website:

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